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VoIP softswitch is a very crucial tool if you want to provide the VoIP services. If you want to start a business as a VoIP service provider, the first thing you will need is the VoIP softswitch solution. In the market, there are many options available when you want to buy a VoIP softswitch solution, but all of them are not exactly what you are looking for. This article will be very useful for you as in this article I will share a step wise guide with the best tips to find the most reliable and robust VoIP softswitch solution to give the best start to your business. On the other hand, if you already have a softswitch solution and want to replace it for any reason, then also this is a must read article to know how to get the best VoIP softswitch for your VoIP business. So let’s get started with this guide to find an ideal VoIP softswitch solution for your business:

Step 1: Define the type of VoIP softswitch you need

There are three different types of softswitch solutions available in the market as briefed below:

1.      Class 4 softswitch solution

It is used to provide wholesale VoIP services. It is mostly related to provide wholesale call and data routing from source to destination.

2.      Class 5 softswitch solution

It is used to provide residential calling services to businesses, small businesses, big enterprises as well as home users. It contains all features to provide the calling service to the customer.

3.      Hybrid VoIP softswitch solution

It is a complete VoIP softswitch solution which gets developed with features of both class 4 softswitch solution and class 5 softswitch solution. It can be used to provide both, wholesale and retail calling services.

All three types of VoIP softswitch solutions have different features than each other and more importantly each costs differently. Thus, it is very important to outline what type of VoIP softswitch solution you need for your business.

Step 2: Make a list of must have features

Once you decide the type of VoIP softswitch, the next step is to make a list of must have features. Each VoIP softswitch solution will not have all the features. Some of the features might be missing so you need to make a list of must have features to keep your business going. These are the features which will run your day to day operations.

Step 3: Make a list of additional features

The VoIP softswitch solution has its own set of features related to call routing or call services. However, there are some additional features which one would need to run the VoIP business more productively. For example, support for multiple currencies is must if your business will deal with customers in different countries. The integrated billing is also considered as an additional feature which is necessary for billing and invoicing. Make a list of these features as well.

Once you have a clear outline of your ideal VoIP softswitch solution, all you need to do is follow the usual practice of vendor hunting, but this time, you will save time from approaching wrong vendors or buying wrong VoIP softswitch solution.


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Author works in a VoIP company that offers Hybrid VoIP softswitch, class 5 softswitch and class 4 softswitchsolution to the VoIP service providers worldwide.

VoIP development can help in building different applications and solutions which can be used to achieve omnichannel communication and related benefits. Almost each industry and all companies use the VoIP development or VoIP solutions to meet the business needs. Today, we will talk about one of the most widely used VoIP solutions, namely, conferencing solution. The conferencing solution can be an audio conferencing system, video conferencing solution or web conferencing software or a complete conferencing solution with combination of all three types of conferencing systems. The conferencing solution for business specifically get designed and developed with features to meet business specific collaboration and communication needs. The conferencing solution for business provides many benefits to the business users and today I will share the top 3 benefits of using the conferencing solution for a company.

1. Increased productivity

The conferencing solution for business can be used to conduct meetings with the participants that can participate from any nook and corner of the world. They can be in the same city yet in different locations or from different countries as well. The conferencing solution for business provides a platform which can be used by the companies to conduct meetings to discuss various things. These meetings could be impossible otherwise due to many roadblocks, but the conferencing software has made it easy and possible for all. The facility of arranging remote meetings removes all communication barriers and let your team work more productively which increase the individual and overall productivity.

2. Reduced cost

To gather all participants, the companies need to invest a significant amount of money on travel cost as well as other arrangements which are mandatory to conduct a physical meeting. This travel and meeting arrangement costs can be completely wiped off by introducing the conferencing solution for business meetings. The video conferencing solution provides a feel of having face to face meetings. Moreover, the cost related to stationery is also removed with use of the conferencing software. The alternative of conferencing solution for business, which is traditional teleconferencing, can be very expensive and infeasible. Thus, the businesses use the conferencing software to remove all these overheads from the business.

3. Save time

Gathering all meeting participant is time consuming, especially, when the meeting participants are not from the same city or country. For example, if you have multiple branch offices, it would take time in gathering all participants under one roof. Another example is when your sales representative needs to meet the customer residing in another country, this would be even more time consuming as well as the cost of traveling would be increased considerably. The conferencing solution for business provides a way to arrange online meetings in which everyone can participate from a remote location. This will save a lot of time on traveling and getting ready for the physical meeting. Now, everyone can attend a meeting from the comfort of their desk in the office or home.

The conferencing solution for business provides many more benefits other than the top three advantages shared in this article. All businesses must invest in acquiring a scalable conferencing solution for their business to match the pace with the modern era of communication and gain a plethora of benefits.


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Author works in a VoIP company which offers Conferencing solution, IP PBX software, Class 4 softswitch, class 5 softswitch and many other VoIP solutions.

In healthcare industry taking care of a patient is one of the biggest challenges. As we all know with the today’s lifestyle habits, people quickly catch up different disease. The hospitals have limited resources and beds. Thus, this is the right time that hospitals introduce a new way of care which can be beneficial to the patient as well as hospital. The conferencing software solutionfor the healthcare industry is one of the amazing tools which any small clinic to large multi specialty hospital can use. This solution introduces a new way of patient care. Also, it comes with some amazing features to be offered to the healthcare industry. This article will share a few key benefits and utilities of conferencing solution for the healthcare industry.

Provide remote health consultation

 There are a few diseases in which the patient needs constant or daily consultation and check up for the wellness. If the hospital keeps these types of patients in the hospital, they might need to deal with the shortage of resources. This can create a roadblock in serving other patients who are in critical situation and need to get hospitalized. Here, the conferencing solution can be very helpful. The doctors and nurse can provide the virtual consultation to the patient daily. There are video conferencing solutions available using which the doctor can discuss about the health of the patient, medical reports and other things. This provision will keep the hospital resources available for other needy patients as well as will provide good medical service for this type of patients.

Run Healthcare and Wellness Programs

The different hospitals run different types of care and wellness programs for their patients. For example, a physiotherapist may run some exercise programs on a routine basis for different group of patients. The conferencing solution will provide an excellent tool to run such programs. By using this solution, neither the trainer nor the patients need to travel. Each of them can collaborate remotely with this conferencing solution. This will save time and resources. Also, it will provide flexibility and ease to all.

Collaborate with remote clinics and hospital branches

A multispecialty hospital can have more than one clinic or branch. The conferencing solution will allow each of these branches to connect with each other to discuss different areas. This will ensure the same code of conduct, HR policies, paperwork rule, administration policies are followed in each branch. The conferencing solution will help in running a centralized and highly professional chain of hospitals.

 Discuss the case files

There can be a critical case in the medical institute which might need the opinion of some other specialist living in the other corner of the world. Calling that medical specialist to personally visit the patient in the hospital to provide opinion can be a very expensive affair. Here, the conferencing solution can work as a boon. The medical history and reports can be shared with the doctor using a conferencing solution. The case can be then be discussed with the specialist panel of doctors on need basis. This will not only reduce the cost of medication, but will also make sure that the patient gets quick medication. The recovery and progress reports can then be shared in the further conferences.


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Author is working in a VoIP development company which offers conferencing solution, VoIP softswitch, Mobile SIP dialer, IP PBX and similar solutions.

Whether you want to get an omnichannel VoIP solution development to meet the communication and collaboration need of your own business or you are willing to start a new service with a Software as a Service (SaaS) model to cater your customers, in both cases what you will need is reliable VoIP development services. The business can get the VoIP development servicesfrom a VoIP developer or a VoIP development company. In both cases, it is important to choose the right provider so you can get the best service and expected VoIP solution at the end of the VoIP development process. As a majority of people prefer to get the service from the top VoIP development companies for all the right reasons, in this article, I will share the top tips to choose the best VoIP company which can provide the best VoIP development service to you.

1.      Approach multiple VoIP development companies

It is time consuming and boring to find multiple companies and having discussions with them, but it is worth investment because it is a onetime process. If you succeed in finding one of the best VoIP companies, then your efforts of looking for the vendor will be saved in the future. Thus, try to search different VoIP companies. At least find 5 to 10 companies from different channels. You can use search engines, social media sites and references to collect the list of VoIP development companies all across the world. Once you make a list, schedule a call with these VoIP development service provider companies.


2.      Share your expectations

In the call, first listen to the company representative. Try to know more about the company, its values, its approach, its VoIP development methodology, its expertise in different VoIP development technologies, etc. All these details will help you to measure whether you and the company share the same values or not. Also, you can identify whether the company can live up to your professional expectations or not.


The second step is to explain your expectations. Here, discuss your project scope as well as what you expect from the company in terms of the final product, technical and customer support, professional and ethical standards, so on and so forth. Make sure to share everything from VoIP development to business relationship with the VoIP company you are considering for your VoIP solution development.


3.      Choose quality over cost

Your first level discussions and the emails exchanged by the VoIP company along with the proposals will give a hint of the professionalism and adroitness of the company. This will make your task of making a choice of the best VoIP development partner easier. You may come across two or more companies which you like to choose because they match your expectations. In this case, always give priority to the service and its quality over the cost because this will help you give better experience and product as well as long term benefits.


These are the top 3 tips you can apply to find the best VoIP development company which can be your long term partner.

Author is working in VoIP developmentcompany which offer Asterisk Development, FreeSWITCH development, OpenSIPs programming, WebRTC development and Kamailio Development services.