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In healthcare industry taking care of a patient is one of the biggest challenges. As we all know with the today’s lifestyle habits, people quickly catch up different disease. The hospitals have limited resources and beds. Thus, this is the right time that hospitals introduce a new way of care which can be beneficial to the patient as well as hospital. The conferencing software solutionfor the healthcare industry is one of the amazing tools which any small clinic to large multi specialty hospital can use. This solution introduces a new way of patient care. Also, it comes with some amazing features to be offered to the healthcare industry. This article will share a few key benefits and utilities of conferencing solution for the healthcare industry.

Provide remote health consultation

 There are a few diseases in which the patient needs constant or daily consultation and check up for the wellness. If the hospital keeps these types of patients in the hospital, they might need to deal with the shortage of resources. This can create a roadblock in serving other patients who are in critical situation and need to get hospitalized. Here, the conferencing solution can be very helpful. The doctors and nurse can provide the virtual consultation to the patient daily. There are video conferencing solutions available using which the doctor can discuss about the health of the patient, medical reports and other things. This provision will keep the hospital resources available for other needy patients as well as will provide good medical service for this type of patients.

Run Healthcare and Wellness Programs

The different hospitals run different types of care and wellness programs for their patients. For example, a physiotherapist may run some exercise programs on a routine basis for different group of patients. The conferencing solution will provide an excellent tool to run such programs. By using this solution, neither the trainer nor the patients need to travel. Each of them can collaborate remotely with this conferencing solution. This will save time and resources. Also, it will provide flexibility and ease to all.

Collaborate with remote clinics and hospital branches

A multispecialty hospital can have more than one clinic or branch. The conferencing solution will allow each of these branches to connect with each other to discuss different areas. This will ensure the same code of conduct, HR policies, paperwork rule, administration policies are followed in each branch. The conferencing solution will help in running a centralized and highly professional chain of hospitals.

 Discuss the case files

There can be a critical case in the medical institute which might need the opinion of some other specialist living in the other corner of the world. Calling that medical specialist to personally visit the patient in the hospital to provide opinion can be a very expensive affair. Here, the conferencing solution can work as a boon. The medical history and reports can be shared with the doctor using a conferencing solution. The case can be then be discussed with the specialist panel of doctors on need basis. This will not only reduce the cost of medication, but will also make sure that the patient gets quick medication. The recovery and progress reports can then be shared in the further conferences.


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Author is working in a VoIP development company which offers conferencing solution, VoIP softswitch, Mobile SIP dialer, IP PBX and similar solutions.

Robart Smaith

Rolling on 26X2.2″ Kenda tyres and an ALL ALLOY main-frame featuring a throwback looptail stay configuration and finished off with Dark Blue or Matt Black paint.

As cool is looks, the T26 26 inch BMX bike is built to ride on alloy rims and 36H alloy hubs provide the look without the additional weight. 3-piece chromoly cranks and a thought-out 32-15 gear make it go, the 160mm disc brakes make it stop. The large 29 inch cruiser bars allowing for a relaxed feel on those long rides and continuous alloy parts make this bike very light. The colour scheme making sure you stand out in a crowd.

The T26 26 inch BMX bike aluminium frame is 12 percent stiffer and 20 percent lighter than steel when it is in it’s most common bike tubing configurations. Aluminium is rustproof and it dampens vibration 50% faster than steel. Its stiffness (lateral) gives frames a real fast feeling because the transfer of pedalling force is so immediate. For for a nostalgic feel we incorporated a looptail rear end. Besides the nostalgia of this design, the circle and all forms of it are the strongest shapes. This is proven by simple physics.

The T26 26 inch BMX bike has both front and rear disc brakes. This provides incredible stopping power, superior speed modulation, and better all-weather performance than traditional rim brakes. When you pull on a disc brake equipped lever, the resultant braking force is much more consistent. This reliability allows you to accurately judge how much force you need to apply in order to achieve the expected braking result.

For dads wanting to relive their childhood or for the kids to experience an old school BMX with the safety of modern tech such as disc brakes front and rear.

The T26 is an exceptional bike with real bling. You certainly will get some looks. Buy the T26 26 inch BMX bike online now

Recommended height to ride comfortably is 155cm

*Some pictures shown with optional gumwall tyres

QuickBooks Care



QuickBooks is considered as the most promising accounting software that easily takes care of all of your needs to process the accounting and bookkeeping necessities. It provides you a greater facility to ease the accounting exercise. However, sometimes you may get an issue with QuickBooks that is error code 5502 which can occur at the time of storing the data in your QuickBooks account. There are some easy steps to troubleshoot this error that you can find in this article while you also have an option to call at  QuickBooks Technical Support   to get the issue fixed.


Simple methods to solve the QuickBooks error 5502

There are several reasons that can cause the QuickBooks error 5502 and you can get the easy fixes by following these simple methods:

Method 1.This quite an easy method that you can apply manually by protecting your computer and the data of the software by our own and make a complete task to remove the issue. You need to apply these steps:

·        You need to find them .ND file in the company document

·        Now hit the right click to rename the file

·        By using the QuickBooks data server scan the file

·        Now you may be seeing your files name and that means your problem is solved

·        Now you can press the “Ok” button and proceed to scan

Method 2.If you not able to solve your issue with the above-mentioned method and still getting the error message you should follow these steps:

·        Create a new folder where you need to copy the company document file

·        Now you need to rename them .QBM file and save the file

·        With.QBB you have to rename the extension

·        Now restore all the backups

Method 3.You can verify the sync manager. The recent updates of the QuickBooks are able to fix all the bugs and make it easy for you to process the removal of error. You can complete this easy process by following these given methods:

·        Update the latest sync manager

·        Now log in to the system as an administrator

·        Then reboot your system to complete the process

Get the QuickBooks support for better assistance:

Once you apply these methods you will be solving your issues with an easy application. However, in some cases, problem are much deeper than it appears and you get failed all the time while solving your issue on your own. In such cases, you need expert support and complete guidance you perform the globally proven methods. You need to call at   QuickBooks Customer Service Number    and get the quality support from the expert community that will be solving your issues with easy fixes.



Read More -   QuickBooks Contact Number    

Source URL:   How to fix QuickBooks error code 5502



sam maur

Whether you want to get an omnichannel VoIP solution development to meet the communication and collaboration need of your own business or you are willing to start a new service with a Software as a Service (SaaS) model to cater your customers, in both cases what you will need is reliable VoIP development services. The business can get the VoIP development servicesfrom a VoIP developer or a VoIP development company. In both cases, it is important to choose the right provider so you can get the best service and expected VoIP solution at the end of the VoIP development process. As a majority of people prefer to get the service from the top VoIP development companies for all the right reasons, in this article, I will share the top tips to choose the best VoIP company which can provide the best VoIP development service to you.

1.      Approach multiple VoIP development companies

It is time consuming and boring to find multiple companies and having discussions with them, but it is worth investment because it is a onetime process. If you succeed in finding one of the best VoIP companies, then your efforts of looking for the vendor will be saved in the future. Thus, try to search different VoIP companies. At least find 5 to 10 companies from different channels. You can use search engines, social media sites and references to collect the list of VoIP development companies all across the world. Once you make a list, schedule a call with these VoIP development service provider companies.


2.      Share your expectations

In the call, first listen to the company representative. Try to know more about the company, its values, its approach, its VoIP development methodology, its expertise in different VoIP development technologies, etc. All these details will help you to measure whether you and the company share the same values or not. Also, you can identify whether the company can live up to your professional expectations or not.


The second step is to explain your expectations. Here, discuss your project scope as well as what you expect from the company in terms of the final product, technical and customer support, professional and ethical standards, so on and so forth. Make sure to share everything from VoIP development to business relationship with the VoIP company you are considering for your VoIP solution development.


3.      Choose quality over cost

Your first level discussions and the emails exchanged by the VoIP company along with the proposals will give a hint of the professionalism and adroitness of the company. This will make your task of making a choice of the best VoIP development partner easier. You may come across two or more companies which you like to choose because they match your expectations. In this case, always give priority to the service and its quality over the cost because this will help you give better experience and product as well as long term benefits.


These are the top 3 tips you can apply to find the best VoIP development company which can be your long term partner.

Author is working in VoIP developmentcompany which offer Asterisk Development, FreeSWITCH development, OpenSIPs programming, WebRTC development and Kamailio Development services.

sai kumar

Bindaas Ways to Relocate to a New House

The thought of relocating to a new place is a situation where you can experience mixed feelings within you. In addition to this, one can be afraid of moving to a new location and the same person can also be enough excitement to move to a new place and begin their life in new surroundings. However, if you want to start with the home shifting process, then you can hire the Top Packers and Movers in Hyderabadin your society or city through which you can gain the best services.

When you have got the opportunity to move or relocate to a new place, you may be thrilled to start your life at a new place with the new beginnings. In addition to this, you get a chance to meet new people and make new friends and start a new lifestyle. The way you feel excited, in the same way, you may also feel depressed about leaving your current home which has created the most beautiful memories. However, you should accept the fact of relocation and go through the Loading and Unloading Serviceswhere you can transport your belongings to your destination place.

You can go through the various relocation services which enables you to experience the hassle-free shifting to your destination place. Furthermore, you can also check the Packers and Movers Near KondapurArea through which you can get easy shifting services if you are currently living in the area near to Kondapur. In addition to this, you can get shifting done or make a move to a new destination with full enjoyment when you make and follow the effective planning and process.

When you hire the Top Packers and Movers in Hyderabad, then the work on your shoulder will be lessened as all maximum work will be done by the moving people. Therefore, you can just move to your destination location in the hassle-free and bindaas way. Furthermore, in the process of home shifting, there will be some preparatory phases which you need to follow and get the things done.

In order to experience the effective shifting, it is also very important to hire the best and genuine moving company which provide effective services. You need to pack your household things in the best way and go through the Loading and Unloading Services which enables you to see your consignments at your destination place. However, the moving or shifting to a new place is quite simple, just you need to follow the right process and hire the right people.

There will be many relocation serviceswhich a moving company can offer, in which your responsibility is to select the right one. You can also go through the Packing and Moving Services through which you can get your belongings packing with a safe material and in a professional way. However, if you are living in an area near to Kondapur, you can go through and hire the Packers and Movers Near Kondapur through which you can acquire the effective shifting solutions.
saketh kumar

For a sustainable construction of building materials are required that could reduce the environmental effects like energy consumption during the lifecycle of the building. Building Information Modeling (BIM) has been an effective tool for enhancing the performance analysis virtually in the design. By taking BIM course training, you can combine the materials by using BIM and attain a sustainable solution to decrease operational energy consumption. By understanding its vitality, Future Gen Technology, a popular Revit training institute in Ameerpet, Hyderabad is providing BIM course training to the professionals so that they can utilize this BIM technique in a proper way so that the energy can be saved. Because of the effectiveness, Future Gen Technologies is now becoming the best BIM training institute in Hyderabad.

The energy performance of a building was evaluated by using Revit Architecture in the year 2012 and the Autodesk Ecotect analysis tool to determine which of the materials helped in decreasing the operational energy usage of the building to great extent throughout its full life cycle. The BIM course training provides the knowledge to the architects and designers, how to reduce energy consumption in building design.

When the BIM model not alone decrease greenhouse gas emissions, but BIM can give a good contribution in this regard. The BIM course trainingrepresents a digital model of the building, which helps to follow the massive renovation process of French housing technique, that can save energy consumption along with time and money.      

In addition to that, the enrichment of the BIM model having information related to the maintenance and operation will do better energy optimization. In this stage, the building is consuming most of the energy. In the BIM course training, the designers and architects come to know about the BIM implementationof real estate assets. Also, preventive maintenance can be achieved, energy consumption monitoring techniques can be carried out and the traceability of different operations can be easily indexed.

Decreasing energy consumption means developing the energy performance of buildings. Day by day the demand for green buildings is growing at a faster rate. In our BIM training institute in Ameerpet, giving full proof knowledge about the green building. The BIM course training allows to verify and adapt the design of a project to decrease its environmental effect.

In energy efficiency in the BIM course training seeks to involve all construction trades, technicians and construction workers in particular. The gains from the BIM course training are mainly economic. But the environmental factors have to be considered. BIM is a vital tool for energy saving and ecological transition of the building.  It must be included in the sustainable building plan. The challenges of the energy consumption and ecological transition will force all factors to review their path of designing, building and maintaining the buildings.

BIM course training is available online also. Anyone can access it and get the knowledge of BIM. Because of easy accessibility Future Gen Technologies is now becoming the leading Online BIM training institute in Hyderabad.

Future Gen Technologies:

        5th Floor, Greenhouse Building,

        Beside Aditya Trade Center, Myitrivanam,            

        Ameerpet, Hyderabad, Telangana - 500873

        URL :

        CALL US :  +91 8328253848


After all the expenditure done in wedding, every couple thinks of saving some amount and planning a good budgetary honeymoon wit their life partner. There are various places to think of when planning for honeymoon but you will get amazing Packages for honeymoon in India. There are various companies that provide honeymoon tour, but best company is White Stork Holidays that provides tours such as Goa honeymoon tour packages et cetera with all the services and we make sure that you have a great holiday with us.

So, let us now discuss about all these amazing places where you can roam around with your partner without spending a lot.

  1. Goa: Goa is a beautiful place, set amidst the breathtaking views of the beaches and the amazing weather, the place never sleeps with its crazy ongoing parties at the night. Goa will provide you the experience of both the peace as well as the craziness. White Stork holidays provides the best Goa honeymoon tour packages that will make sure that you get to spend the best holiday with out services.

  2. Manali: Mountains represent serenity and bliss and that is the reason we at White Stork Holidays provide the best Manali honeymoon trip and make sure that you get to spend the best holiday with your life partner. There are various places in Manali where you can enjoy fully and enjoy various fun activities like the river rafting, camping, trekking et cetera, that will make your trip adventurous as well.

  3. Ooty: Ooty is one of the most beautiful hill stations in India, where you will get to enjoy amidst the beautiful hill and feel the cloud passing by. White Stork Holidays provides the best Ooty holiday packagesand makes sure that you get to spend some great time with your life partner here. There are various adventures and things that you can do in Manali to make your holidays amazing.

  4. Coorg: Coorg is known as the Scotland of India and is a beautiful hill station in south India, similar to the Ooty and along with providing various tour Packages for honeymoon in India, White Stork Holidays also provides tours like the Ooty holiday packages et cetera. There are various things to do in Ooty and places where you and your partner can spend some great time together. Taking the amazing tour packages from White Stork holidays will not only help you invest less but also give you ample of great time with your partner.

These are some of the amazing places where you can go on a great tour without even thinking about the expenditure and enjoy your holidays with your partner. White stork Holidays provides various tour Packages for honeymoon in India including the Manali honeymoon trip, Ooty holiday packages and many more trips where you can go with your partner and enjoy to the max. White Stork Holidays provides various tour packages and makes sure that you get all the services you asked for.

Reckon Support

Reckon is one of the most proficient accounting software that is available in the market at present. They have been providing the users with best in class accounting services which has been aiding them to handle all the accounting aspects of their business. Reckon is a cloud-based accounting software which has been developed by an Australian software company. Accountants, Bookkeeper and those who handle small and medium-sized businesses are the ones who have benefitted the most from this software. Reckon on has been giving a neck to neck competition to competitors like QuickBooks, Quicken, Sage, etc. The most amazing factor about this software is that it comes with an easy to use and friendly user interface.


This gives those who are not well acquainted with accounting also the assistance in handling their accounts efficiently. Having a clear and organized account of your functioning helps the users in several ways. This software also provides the user with the facility of multi-user capacity. You can attain more information about this software any time by simply connecting with   Reckon Technical Support    where the executives would provide you with all the necessary information in detail. The Reckon support Australia provide all the necessary solutions that the user might come across in the aspect of accounting on windows. There are often several issues that the users face while using the Reckon accounting software on windows which would often become a huge headache for the users and would also put the functioning of the business into a stand still.


Some of the most common issues that the users face while using Reckon on Windows are as given below:

·        Issue while trying to set up and installation of Reckon software on Windows

·        Problems faced by users when they try to log in, retrieve or even change the password of their Reckon Accounting software

·        Issue when the users try to sign up in the software

·        The users facing slow performance issue while working on the multi-user mode on this Reckon accounting software

·        Difficulty in the process of synchronization with the cloud while using the Reckon software

·        The trouble in transferring or exporting files that you have made using the Reckon accounting software.

When the users are caught up with any of the above-given issues, it would often create a lot of frustration for the users. If you find yourself in such a position during any time while using the Reckon Accounting software it is best suggested that you connect with the  Reckon Customer Service Number     and avail all the possible assistance from the trained professionals. This service is available on a 24x7 hour basis and while the user avails this service it does not charge them with any kind of cost. This gives the users the benefit of resolving the problem that they have come across without having to burn a hole in their budget.


Read More  -     Reckon Contact Number   

Source URL: Accounting with Reckon on Windows


Shradh, it is a ceremony held in the honour and for the benefits of deceased family relatives. It is observed at fixed periods and on the occasions of celebrations and mourning. Every year, this shradh ritual is performed on the death anniversary of a person during the Amavasya called pitru paksha. It is a custom for the Hindu religion, also called as Mahalayapitru paksha, which begins at Purnima in the Ashwini month. It is believed that shradh during these days is highly auspicious since what we offer during these days reached the deceased people directly. It helps the deceased soul to rest in peace. Shradh can be performed on the day of Amavasya, the last day of the lunar month.  Through Kashi Kshetra Purohit, the famous purohit services in varanasiprovides purohit for shradha poojain Varanasi. You can get Purohit in Kashi for Pitrukaryaseasily from our website. You can also get the best Tamil purohitor the best Telugu purohit in Varanasi.

The Matsya Purana describes the shradh as it is divided into three types. One type of shradh performed daily, another shradh performed periodically and another shradh performed with purpose (Kamya). In North and East India, the shardh, which is performed for deceased ancestors is called as pitru paksha shardh, in Tamilnadu, it is called as Aadi Amavasai, KarikadakaVavu Bali in the state of Kerala and Amavasi rituals in other states or regions. The pandits for pitru pooja in Varanasihelp the deceased soul to attain moksha or salvation.

By studying the Upanishads and the Bhagavad Gita, the pandits for shradhkaryas in Varanasitalk about the journey of the dead and the rituals dedicated to them for their safe journey towards their destination. In early days, the Indian scriptures explain the whole significance of shradh with Agni, Garuda, Matsya and Vayu Puranas guiding the purohits for shradhkaryas in Varanasi.

As per the Matsya Purana, Agni, Vasus (name of a significant class of Vedic gods) and Rudras, which is a title of a Vedic storm-god act as intermediaries during the occasion of Pitru Paksha Shradh. In these days the pandits for shardhkaryas in varanasi do the rituals and offered foods to the ancestors who in turn bless those people, who are performing the rituals. This happens due to a boon provided by the Lord Yama, the god of death in the Hindu Mythology.

Pitru Paksha Shradh is offered to those ancestors whose death dates have been forgotten or for those people who have deaths like accidents or murder. The people who failed to perform barsi or the shradh annually (on the death date) can also do shradh by taking the help of pandits for shradhkaryas in Varanasiduring this pitru paksha.

The Pitras

The purohits for shardhkaryas in varanasiexplained about the shradh that the fortnight of shradh is the time span when the pitras (ancestors) from our current as well as previous lives can approach the planet earth and also their descendants. In this period the dead can be feed on energies of the living on earth.

The pitras or ancestors suffer from hunger, thirst, heat, cold, fatigue and also pain as punishment according to their earlier karmic activities. In search of relief from those pain, the ancestors are attracted to their descendants who are karmic debtors to them.

QuickBooks Care

QuickBooks is one of the most sought after accounting software that is currently prevalent in the market. They have been effectively catering to all the needs of the users for several years now. QuickBooks take care of all the accounting needs that an organization would come across. Even though they have been soaring high in the market, it is not without having to encounter any snags or malfunctions. QuickBooks users often come across certain malfunctions when they are using the software for their accounting purposes. One of the most common errors that they face is the ‘Error Code 80029c4a’. This is an error which occurs when one or more files of the program are removed or damaged. This is one error which can also be seen on QuickBooks Pro.


This problem is faced by the users when they make unregistered destinations and also while presenting the QuickBooks Pro programming in the wrong way. There are also high chances that your antivirus software would also be causing this malfunction. This error might get your work all caught up, hence it is important that you understand about the problem and the root causes of this problem. To do so, you can promptly connect with QuickBooks Technical Support     and clear all your doubts.


There are multiple ways in which you would be able to find that your system is facing the error code 80029c4a. A short list of these symptoms are given below:

·        Your computer screen displays ‘Error Code 80029c4a’

·        You find your active program windows to crash abruptly

·        The QuickBooks program starts to crash regularly showing the error 80029c4a

·        You would also find your system to be responding slowly to your mouse and keyboard commands

·        You would also experience complete freezing of your system


It is always important that you are able to find the root cause of the issue in order to completely eradicate the issue.


Causes of QuickBooks Error Code 80029c4a


The reasons because of which you would be encountering the QuickBooks Error Code 80029c4a are as given below:

·        Inaccurate download of QuickBooks

·        Unfinished installation of the QuickBooks software

·        Corruption encountered in the Windows registry

·        When your system has been affected by some virus or malware

·        When the QuickBooks related files have been corrupted

·        A program on your system unknowingly deletes QuickBooks related files


Ways to fix QuickBooks Error Code 80029c4a


It is necessary that you resolve the QuickBooks error at the earliest to be able to resume your work on QuickBooks.

·        You would have to use the Shortcut Windows + E and open the file explorer

·        Then choose the partition Local Disk (C :)

·        Navigate to the program files folder

·        Then you would have the open the QuickBooks Enterprise Solution 10.0

·        In this folder, you would have to find and double click on the .bat file

·        Then run the reboot.bat file successfully after which you can restart your system

·        Once when your system complete reboot, check whether the issue remains or not

If you find yourself still caught up with this error, there is nothing to be worried about. You can promptly connect with the   QuickBooks Customer Service Number    and avail professionals assistance in solving your problem. This service is available throughout the day and is completely free of cost. Users can effectively solve their problems without having to burn a hole in their pockets.


Read More  -     QuickBooks Contact Number       

Source URL:      How to resolve QuickBooks Error Code 80029c4a

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